Click here for a map of all parks, recreational and cultural destinations in Souderton and Telford Boroughs

Souderton Community Park
Third Street and Church Road: Every Sunday from June through the beginning of August, "Concert Sundaes in the Park" features concerts and programs geared for kids and adults. The concerts start at 7 p.m., and each week a different community service club sells ice cream! The concert is free, and programs are available at the Borough Office.

The pavilion is equipped with picnic tables, electric, lighting, and water. Reservations are required during summer months.

Holly’s Hill Park
Wile Avenue, and Diamond Street: This 4 acre open space has paved walking paths, benches, and a great view.

Wile Avenue Playground
Wile Avenue and West Chestnut Street: Playground equipment for children and toddlers, a gazebo and picnic area.

West Street Park
West Street, South of Green Street: Playground, picnic area, and a small stream.

Lawn Avenue Park – Under Construction
Lawn Avenue and Washington Avenue